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Your NEW career as a Dental Assistant

Have you been waiting to start a new career? Why not become a Dental Assistant today! We have flexible payment plans that are suited for all students.

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The training that your will receive can be used immediately to get employment as a dental assistant. This career offers many different advantages:

  • Professional work environment
  • Great Job Security
  • Good Pay
  • Fulfilling Career

There are numerous jobs for dental assistants, and there will forever be a demand for them as well. The flexibility is amazing, as many dental assistants pick the type of schedule and routine they would like to work. The work outlook is very promising for those interested in learning to be a dental assistant. Work can be part-time or full-time. There will always be a high need for dental assistants, and it’ll continue to grow so long as folks have teeth.

The most ideal part is that you will have a job which is rewarding, and helping others. This is a job you can be proud of!

You contacted us about our 13 week dental assisting course. What is holding you back? We have  limited seats available per class, so why not reserve your spot while you can?

Email or call (203) 372-0580!

Dr. Phillip DeJesus

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  1. Anders Pierre says:

    I would like to know about the dental assistant class you have, call me please at the number I emailed to you.